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With the interest of keeping all of our rides safe and fun for everyone attending, the following rules will, from now on, be implemented: 

  • No overtaking will be allowed during rides especially overtaking one of the board member's cars. Board members are organising the ride and all have walky-talkies to communicate with one another, as such we are placed within the convoy in a manner that will allow us to better keep you all together and avoid anyone getting lost. 
  • No racing of any sort will be accepted on public roads whether it is between members or with people on the road. The image of the club is one that does not encourage such behaviour unless it is on a track under safe conditions and sanctioned by the FIA.
  • There will be a minimum speed during rides because delays are costing other members the ability to enjoy the rides and are forcing them to overtake one another which conflicts with Rule 1 and increases the chances of the convoy getting split and lost.
  • A new set of hand gestures will be implemented during rides to better allow ride organisation. You will be briefed on those gestures during the beginning of each ride and diagrams will be posted soon for future reference. 
  • Any hand gesture, blinker, or hazard light (flasher) usage from the lead car is to be translated to the back by all cars and this is a mandatory safety condition. Every single car behind the lead car is to do exactly what the lead car does until the message reaches the closing car. Only then are you allowed to stop. 
  • Upon reaching any junction (mafra') during a ride, it is the responsibility of every member to make sure the car behind them has seen that there is a junction before going through. In other words, if you cannot see the car behind you wait for them at the junction before continuing and every car has to do this until the closing car passes. 
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