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Zouk Mosbeh with Nour Nassereddine claiming the overall victory ahead of Charbel Ghanem and Elie Ghanem.

There were 29 Renault drivers, including 3 female competitors, competing across 4 different classes including Class A for Pro Megane RS drivers, Class B for Pro Clio RS drivers, Class C for Amateur Megane RS drivers and Class D for Amateur Clio RS drivers.

Nassereddine also scored victory in Class A, while Charbel Ghanem earned top honors in Class B, Jean-Marie Nakad in Class C and Maher Rachid in Class D. Trophies were handed out to the top 3 in every category.

Emilie Feghali won the Ladies class and finished ahead of established male drivers.

The event – sponsored by Adir Insurance, Bassoul-Heneine, Motul and OB Soft – witnessed the attendance of well-known figures including Walid Chlink, Garo Haroutiounian, Matthias Njeim, Jihad Mrad, Richard Ibrahim Christian Korban and Hicham Al Abiad.

Driver Category Vehicle Best Time
Nour Nassereddine A Megane 3 1:50.1
Charbel Ghanem B Clio 3 1:50.6
Elie Ghanem A Megane 3 1:53.0
Daniel Terzian A Megane 3 1:53.3
Kamal Karaa A Megane 3 1:53.6
Nader Ayoub B Clio 3 1:54.5
Matthias Njeim B Clio 3 1:56.4
Marwan Saad B Clio 4 1:56.5
Jihad Mrad B Clio 3 1:56.5
Maher Rachid D Clio 2 1:56.7
Emilie Feghali A Megane 3 1:56.8
Richard Ibrahim B Clio 2 1:57.4
Hicham Al Abiad B Clio 3 1:57.6
Jean-Marie Nakad C Megane 3 1:57.7
Michel Chehade C Megane 3 1:58.4
Nabil Komboz B Clio 3 1:58.8
Naji Hmeidan C Megane 2 1:59.3
Maher Najjar D Clio 4 1:59.5
Serge Tchoupourian B Clio 3 2:00.4
Alex Khoury C Megane 3 2:01.2
Walid Chlink B Clio 3 2:01.9
Hovsep Aslanian C Megane 2 2:02.4
Georges Aoun C Megane 3 2:02.6
Omar Al Abiad D Clio 3 2:02.9
Yves Matta C Megane 3 2:03.0
Francois Bacha C Megane 3 2:06.5
Cesar Tueni D Clio 4 2:07.2
Doline Chlink B Clio 3 2:08.3
Cleane Daraze D Clio 4 2:18.9

Source: Biser3a

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